Just Another Day

Been sick for three days, still feel like absolute dirt! Just needed to share that/ I hoped it would make me feel a little better…
I was wrong…



Ms. JaydeHello all!

This is my first post in my spanking new blog! In case the blog page name didn’t clue you all in (lol) my name is Bobbie. I am a married mom of four and I have a granddaughter who is four. I was born in northern Wisconsin and raised in the upper peninsula of Michigan (in Escanaba to be exact). I am presently living in a little town in Alaska with my husband and two younger children, three cats, three chameleons, two birds, a turtle and a dog. My older kids are in their twenties and on their own for the most part. My younger son and daughter are 6 and 9. They keep me busy and nearly nuts, so this blog thingy will be good for me! I don’t get a lot of adult contact, lol. My husband is gone two to three weeks a month (truck driver for Carlile) and I live a few miles out of town.

About three years ago I got it into my head to finally go to college, so I did. I am currently finishing an associates degree in Computer Information and Office Systems, and this class is one of the last ones I need to graduate. I am looking forward to completing this course of study and perhaps going for a bachelors in SOMETHING-I am not sure just what that will be.

At present my hobbies are pretty tame. I love to read! I average more books a month then I should-especially with all the homework I have, lol. My favorite authors are Laurell  K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Charlene Harris, Patricia Briggs, Tolkien, Tanith Lee-and a host of others. I love the ScyFi channels horrible B-movies, laughing at things that normally wouldn’t be funny, my husband’s inability to zip his pants, my autistic son’s  humor (knock Knock-who’s there?-interrupting cow-interrupting cow….._MOOOO!) , my granddaughter (Grandma-you have issssues) and my nine year old’s attempts at putting on face makeup.

I do have some experience with word press and websites. A friend of mine and I had an online adult “toy” store for a while and we had a website along with it. Our plan was to become dirty bookstore moguls and have a hub website connected to the store that lead to fetish dating sites, a erotica writing contest and an advice collumn. Unfortunately, my “partner” had a drinking problem that lead to our store and site being closed down. We also didn’t have enough knowledge of computer sites in general to utilize the tools to make our sites stand out.

So that is me, so far. I intend to make this my site to vent on…and at times it may be a bit on the “mature” side. I will try to keep that to a minimum and flag the posts so that those who would be offended will have a choice as to whether they read it or not.