Blog Assignment for Implementing Internet Tools/Tech

Here are the three blogs I read regularly:  : This is the blog of my favorite author, Laurell K Hamilton.  : Ok, I will admit it, I love all things “Ancient Aliens”, ghost hunter and paranormal. I love the wackiness and whimsy of it all and then on the flip side, I love how so much of it makes sense!  There is a moment when you just have to think “What if they aren’t nuts?” Do I believe any of it? Well, that just depends…..:) : I really enjoyed this one. I am of the Pagan persuasion myself and this was a lot of fun to read. I know I know-I am a broken record! I just love this stuff. Of course there is a gentleman out there ( that has a 3 hour documentary that supposedly debunks every single assertion that comes for the ancient aliens theory, not just a few, but every single one. I don’t really think I will be watching it myself. Saying that you can explain it ALL away is like saying you know EVERYTHING, LOL.Image


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