Web 2.0 Assignment for Class!

ImageThis is a post for my Web 2.0 Assignment for my Implementing Internet Tools/Tech Class!

Before you started this class, had you heard of the term Web 2.0? In what context?

I had heard the term before but I never stopped to ponder its meaning. I was/am not a very tech savvy person. I know enough to surf the web, complete a search and such,that is about it. I did run an online site with a couple of friends for a year (with no knowledge of what I was doing) but that ended earlier this year when we parted ways. I remember the “web” in the early 90’s though, as a friend showed me an early version of a chat room called “Marvin’s mansion” . I was intrigued, but the whole programming thing was too much for me! If Web 2.0 is categorized as more “every day Joe” accessible, then I have to say I understand the term. Those early boards were brutal, or at least I thought so!

Imagine you are telling someone about Web 2.0 who uses the Web but knows nothing about the term. What would you tell them?

I would probably direct them to Wikipedia (lol) or possibly one of the articles that we had to read for class! I have a terrible time explaining things when my knowledge of the subject matter is less than concrete! I would tell them that Web 2.0 is characterized by being user-friendly. The internet in the past was far from it. Only a few trained (self or otherwise) were able to make use of the web. Now days anyone with a rudimentary grasp on “point and click” can search, chat, blog and even program. Social media has brought people together and programs that make blogging easy mean that anyone can put their thoughts out there for others to see.

Do you participate in any sites that you think are “Web 2.0” sites? If so, what are they?

I participate in quite a few sites that I think would fall under the Web 2.0 moniker. Facebook, MySpace, Cozi, this blog and my Twitter account. I post on a Dr. Who discussion board, my fav author(s) web discussions and I even keep in touch with people through Skype. I also have recently joined most of the people I know and purchased my own little portal to the internet-my smart phone. I can play angry birds AND use it to talk to people….it is a wonder! (lol)


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