Post for Web 2.0 On Feeds!

Do you feel like you are starting to “get” feed reading and how it can offer an improvement over traditional web site reading? Have you used (at least read) web feeds before? Do you have questions that remain unresolved?

I definitely like feed reading! I am normally pressed for time-I have two kids and a houseful of pets that never seem to understand “I am busy”. Getting feeds to exactly what I want to read from the sites I end up at all the time is great! I especially like the fact that I don’t have to keep checking back to the sites for new info-I get a feed whenever something new comes up ( especially with my fave band site).


I haven’t used them before now, though I have read some. I think that I will be utilizing a lot more “tricks of the trade” to streamline my surfing process more. It really saves time.