Here we go again….

I seem to be on a role today with the rape stories. This one is from the good ole U.S of A. Two teens are accused of assaulting a young lady at two separate parties while she was passed out. The electronic devices of all involved were confiscated by police and as a result the young men were arrested and charged.

Both the prosecutors and the defense attorneys are going to be using evidence from these electronic devices to try and prove their cases. This really couldn’t have happened ten years ago. I think it is going to be a really interesting (if tragic) case to follow. The case takes he said-she said to another level because now we have the actual words of those involved. It is going to be hard to dispute something written and put into the world via Twitter or Facebook.

Here is the story:

I think that the justice system is going to be inundated with cases that are going to use social media as evidence. I also think new laws will have to be drafted to cover what is admissible in court. Police departments are watching social media sites to predict gang activity and, judging from the idiot who bragged on Twitter that he killed someone, seems like a really good idea. It seems like the justice system learned something from the “flash mob” phenomena. I like it.


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