What the heck!!!!

We have been talking about the effect that social media and technology has had on the world. This morning while having my coffee I was checking out the stories on my Yahoo home page and came across the story of a girl in India who was beaten and gang raped to death on a bus in New Delhi. A prominent yogi had this to say about the attack:

“Guilt is not one-sided,” the guru, Asaram Bapu, told followers this week, adding that if the student had pleaded with her six attackers in God’s name, and told them she was of the “weaker sex”, they would have relented.”

I could list everything wrong with that statement, but I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who sees the stupidity judging from the world-wide outrage that his opinion sparked. They were burning the guy in effigy in near his offices in India. I wish I could say I was surprised that this attitude still exists in 2013-but I am not. Apparently, many people in India and around the world feel that he is correct.

The point of this whole post is this: if we were not so interconnected via social media and the internet this woman’s death would have been swept under the carpet and she would have went to the grave being blamed for her death. The internet gave this story legs and I think that those of us who feel that the yogi is a moron outnumber those who think a short skirt is an invitation to rape. Because we are so connected, many people in India and around the world are being forced to change their views (or at least examine them) because there are more of us who realize that a  woman’s clothing does not give a man the right to attack her. She could be dressed in Saran Wrap and that still is not an excuse to gang rape her.

The status quo is no longer OK.  I think that is fantastic!

To read the whole story: http://news.yahoo.com/gurus-view-indian-rape-raises-anger-shared-many-130856965.html


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