About Talking Points

  • The general subject/idea of the blog. Is it politics? Journalism? Media?
  • The political slant of the blog (if you can detect one).  Right? Left? Moderate? Libertarian? Rastafarian? Communist?
  • Does the blog cite sources for their information?
  • How would you compare the information in the blog to your local newspaper?
  • What you didn’t like
  • Include a link to a particular post (or more) you felt was particularly interesting, funny, moving, angering, poorly written, well written, biased, or informativtal



Talking Points Memo is both a journalism blog and a political blog that is slanted left. In fact it is pretty much the polar opposite of Moonbattery. While the quality of the writing and reporting is better, I don’t really lean that direction politically. As a result I couldn’t just find a couple of articles that ticked me off…most did. I am not the most political of people but my leanings are far more conservative then liberal. I didn’t like the way the site paints most conservatives as gun toting bible thumpers (just my opinion).

I can’t fault the quality of writing though. The gentleman that started the site is a journalist and a historian (according to his wikipedia page:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talking_Points_Memo)


Here is a link to a recent article that ticked me off.




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