Chapter 3 Blog

There are many communities on the net that have been built around a shared interest, whether that interest be in a person (such as the Grobanites) or a work or kind of art (such as fan fiction sites), or some kind of entertainment (witness still very active communities built around long-cancelled television shows like Lost and Star Trek). Are you part of– or have you been close to anyone who has been part of– any such communities? What were your/their motives? How do these relate to the motives explored by Shirky, such as feedback loops and intrinsic motivation?

I sat down and thought about this prompt and I am really embarrassed by what I have to say next.
My name is Bobbie and I am an addict. I am addicted to all things Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I belong to a few sites concerning the game and I am responsible for spreading the addiction to others. In fact I am a pusher, I have transferred my addiction to my kids and friends. I also lobbied for both Farscape and Firefly to stay on tv as well as The Dresden files (hence my addiction to Jim Butcher). I check into the Tolkien sites and I check in with my friends on my FAVORITE bands site ( I 
That being said I am also part of the Laurell K Hamilton fan club, as well as JR Ward, Jim Butcher and a few other authors. Our community is very active in all these groups. My motives? Boredom. There, I said it. I am a mom of 4 with two under 10 at home and one is special needs. I escape into these communities and games as a way of trying to talk to adults. I need to talk to someone who is as nerdy as I am. Thanks to this class I found the Dr. Who group…yay! lol. I don’t always have time to visit all of them, but I do enjoy them. 
I think all of us on these sites are there because we LOVE our little addictions. I guess that would be the intrinsic motivation! I enjoy talking to people who know who Bob is and why Harry Dresden is the greatest character EVER! I love telling people about my fave characters and having them tell me about theirs. That feedback is so much fun!   



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