Chapter 4 Blog

 I would like to add a couple of things that I forgot to add to chapter 3’s Motive post. I enjoy putting myself out there. I especially enjoy writing-though I don’t do so much now. I am a bit of a comedian and my sense of humor can be a bit raunchy (see my facebook notes lol)-but I am one of those people that will throw up if I have to do public speaking of any type. The fact that I would probably rather have my teeth ripped out and salt packed in the wounds then to speak in public is going to make next semesters Oral Communication class really trying! So part of my motivation is to get out there a bit, without actually getting out there.

Chapter 4:
I have to comment on theory-induced blindness! I have been saying this for years and didn’t know it had a name! People do this all the time! Religious leaders like the one I blogged about in India and people like the ones who are spewing hate (Westbourough comes to mind) all exhibit this behaivor. I also have to admit that I no longer remember most of my friends phone numbers without my phone-but I can still remember my first husbands social security number and we haven’t been married in nearly 20 years.
A big motivation, in my opinion, is that we are such an “instant gratification” society. Communication via social networks or email can be much quicker than the regular postal system. That is a powerful draw. You don’t have to wait a week to hear back from a friend. It never really occurred to me to wonder why people spend time on things like email or twitter for that reason. The time that we used to spend writing letters and going to the post office is email and twitter time now.
I agree with Shirky about the real difference between generations. My grandparent’s generation lived through the great depression-they were the definition of a society that learned to live with less. My parents were baby boomers and they had the boom after the war to produce me-the generation of gimme! (Ha Ha) We had more so we did less. I am in a unique position to have children born far apart. My older kids are in their early 20’s and my younger two are under 10. My older kids are totally different in their motivations to do things-they have little in the way of patience. My younger kids are all about NOW. It is very apparent that having more to choose from (so to speak) is a deciding factor in how a generation behaves. Also, I was an 18 year-old single mom with my first child and I was living hand to mouth for the most part. My oldest daughter is far more frugal and patient than my younger kids who have their father and mom at home and a stable home. My younger kids have never gone hungry, never been evicted from their home and never had to deal with the evil stepfather. Their personalities are far different then my older two who have experienced all that and more.



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