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The general subject of Moonbattery.com is political. The political slant is toward the right..wayyyyy right. The blog sites news sources for its information ( for the most part). It is not as well written as some, but because I agree with a lot of the ideas, I can overlook it. The blog is heavily slanted and most of the “reporting” is as well. My local paper wouldn’t handle many of these stories in the same way-which is why I don’t read much from newspapers. I didn’t like some of the language used.

I have blogged about three stories from the site. I had three earlier ones, but I felt that they were outdated at this point so I did three new ones.


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From the story: “In November, Local 6 broke the story about the controversial garden after the city [of Orlando] told the Helvenstons their 25-by-25-foot front yard vegetable garden was not in compliance with the city’s code.

After hundreds of emails supporting the couple flowed in and initially allowing the Helvenstons to keep their garden, saying it will hold off on violations, the city has since asked the couple to uproot the garden and replace it with a lawn or face fines.”

I just don’t get it. At what point do we say enough? It is a garden for cripes sake. City code…for a garden? What is the garden hurting. What is the thinking behind this? Replace the garden with a lawn? I don’t understand how that will enhance their neighborhood.  I would think that in these uncertain times a garden would be infinitely more useful than a lawn! Not only that, lawn maintenance is just a waste of money when compared to a garden that produces healthy food. I have had large gardens most of my life and I know that a garden that size would provide for a pretty good size family year round if you canned your produce! I couldn’t afford to keep the garden, I would end up losing the house. I would love to be able to stick to my convictions like these people.

Don’t you wonder what is next?

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I think I just found a story that shows that Shirky is right. Social media does make it possible not only to organize but to mobilize groups of people. Unfortunately it is for nefarious purposes, but it is still true. Flash mobs are being used to rob people. Kids (and I doubt it is only kids) are getting together via twitter and other social networking sites to rob stores. They flood a store, rob it  and then disappear into the crowd before the police show up. Thieves then use the same social networking sites to offload their ill gotten gains.  It is pretty ingenious actually, and it certainly proves that groups can be organized and such via Twitter!

Take that Gladwell!

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I am not really one for political soap boxing but this really chaps me!


I am a gun owner. I have guns in the house. My husband is an avid gun enthusiast and collector.  I don’t shoot much, mainly because of carpal tunnel in both wrists (thanks WalMart), but I know how to and would have no problem defending myself. My husband has a concealed to carry permit as well as clearances up the wazoo for his job.  I don’t consider us gun nuts at all, even if our collection is up there in number…

Over that last few weeks with all these shootings the media has been all over gun laws and restricting owner ship. Why then do we hear nothing about this attempted shooting in San Antonio? Is it because the guy was stopped before 70 people were injured by a gunman? Is it because a woman with a gun brought an end to the rampage? Why is it that I had to go to this site to find this story?