Moonbattery Reports

I am not really one for political soap boxing but this really chaps me!

I am a gun owner. I have guns in the house. My husband is an avid gun enthusiast and collector.  I don’t shoot much, mainly because of carpal tunnel in both wrists (thanks WalMart), but I know how to and would have no problem defending myself. My husband has a concealed to carry permit as well as clearances up the wazoo for his job.  I don’t consider us gun nuts at all, even if our collection is up there in number…

Over that last few weeks with all these shootings the media has been all over gun laws and restricting owner ship. Why then do we hear nothing about this attempted shooting in San Antonio? Is it because the guy was stopped before 70 people were injured by a gunman? Is it because a woman with a gun brought an end to the rampage? Why is it that I had to go to this site to find this story?


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